United States Senator Bernie Sanders

Bully No More! is a wonderful effort to educate children about bullying and what they can do to prevent it. Bravo!”

Mike Curtis, Writer of Dick Tracy

"It’s not often that a fresh new musical comes along that shines the spotlight on a subject most would rather not discuss. Bully No More! tells a story too many have experienced, using familiar creatures with whom one can identify. Bullying starts early in life, and sets one on a path of infringing on the rights of others. Many never grow up, going through life thinking that might makes right. It has to be faced and corrected early, and this musical tries to do just that. Excellent music and writing make this a must see for the whole family!"

Linda E. Johnson, Prevent Child Abuse Vermont

“Media is one of the primary ways children, youth, and adults learn. Bully No More!’s music and characters have tremendous potential to teach and affect behavior, attitudes, and beliefs, which everyone can share and spread.”

Vermont Governor Phil Scott

"The consequences of bullying are real and severe. I appreciate the work behind Bully No More! I think we all have a responsibility to encourage civility - from our schools to our government, and we do that by setting a good example and treating each other with respect and kindness."

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin

“Too often we hear about the negative, sometimes tragic consequences of bullying, and I applaud the efforts of everyone involved in Bully No More! and thank them for their hard work to raise awareness of the problem.”

United States Senator Patrick Leahy

“Over 30 years ago, when I was a prosecutor, we all knew of the problems of bullying. Today, with all the various electronic media and ways of communicating, the problem is so much greater. Parents, teachers and students need to recognize the signs of bullying and unite against it. For our children’s sake, let us hope Bully No More! can help. I believe it will.”

United States Congressman Peter Welch

“Despite the best efforts of parents and educators, bullying continues and young lives are affected by the humiliation, insult, and pain that results. Bully No More! offers understanding and solutions. Bullying can be as subtle as it is sharp – using music, humor, and allegory will give viewers experiences and lessons with which, they will definitely identify. Bully No More! will make a positive difference.”

Mike Dreiblatt, Vermont author and public speaker

"Bully No More! is extremely upbeat and positive while still tackling head-on the serious subject of bullying. From beginning to end, BULLY NO MORE! keeps the interest and attention of audiences of all ages. This fast-paced musical shows how to handle bullies, not an easy task!"

Michelle Sidrane, Partnership with Children

"Partnership With Children works with children to teach them coping skills especially bullying behaviors and their consequences. Bully No More! is a welcome addition to the literature on the subject for families."

Lou Bivona, NY Chapter, National Center For Missing And Exploited Children

Bully No More! presents the ideal opportunity to teach children about bullying and its ramifications. The upbeat musical generates effective methods of dealing with an overwhelming and serious issue that plagues too many of our children. I strongly support this unique musical, Bully No More! and its mission to model effective strategies. Thanks for working to bring a better understanding to poor human behavior and an effort to change it.

Mimi Stuart, Director